I have been creating websites and working on computers since 2000. I got into the internet when it was just getting started (dial up) and have worked through all of the changes in the industry since that time. I enjoy helping folks with their online pursuits, personal and business, and helping them to keep their computers in tip top shape.

As soon as digital photography arrived on the scene, I was hooked. The first digital camera I purchased came with a very small resolution and a built in disk drive so the images would record directly on the disk. Photos looked like an old disposable camera. Since that time with the newer models images are crystal clear with excellent resolution and file capacities are huge. Colorado offers amazing scenic views that I very much enjoy seeking out, capturing and sharing these images with others. In addition I enjoy photographing street, architecture, lifestyle, portraits and special events of all kinds.

I have been a working musician my entire adult life, playing many different styles and opportunities to play with amazing Colorado musicians. Being a musician is a life long pursuit, there is always more to learn and incorporate into my musical journey.

Check out my offerings and lets discuss your needs. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have ! I look forward to hearing from you!


View from Sunset Street Bridge